The new Demi Lovato song is QUITE catchy and let’s face it, I REALLY love it and perhaps it inspired me to write this particular post. The song is about her telling all of her haters that she is finally good, and happy, and she really couldn’t give a fuck if they are hating on her newfound happiness(haters will hate). I know for a fact that all of us, or at least a good 90% of us , can relate. Whether in your personal life, your work life, your family, your friends.

When you are finally succeeding, finally happy, and doing well, and finally making choices that are RIGHT for YOU and nobody else, you suddenly get hit with negative vibes from someone who is not happy for you, and who will find reasons to try and bring you down just because of their own unhappiness and insecurities.

I must admit that since I started this blogging journey and exposing myself and all of my vulnerabilities to all of you, the response has been amazing and quite positive (most of the time). I have gotten the random haters. One random douchebag had the balls to tell me that I shouldn’t be encouraging this lifestyle. Lifestyle ? What the hell is so wrong with this lifestyle? Finally loving and accepting my mind, body and soul, at size 14, and encouraging others to do the same (curvy and thin) is apparently a bad thing according to some morons out there. Whatever! I laughed it off and deleted the message. I often receive messages from people calling me vain, and pretentious because of all the selfies I post. They don’t know me and they don’t know the reasons behind my posts, so I really couldn’t give a shit if they like me or not because they are NOT the reason I embarked on this journey. They will learn nothing from me and I’ll learn nothing from them. But seriously though, how stupid can one be? The body positivity community gets hated on a lot. I see it, I noticed. People are mean. Not all people, but a lot of people. I don’t get why they have a such a hard time accepting the fact that there are a lot of us out there who are OK with our perfect imperfections and we just want to spread these positive vibes, positive messages, to people who need it and people who desire it. We’re here to help. To change society’s perspective on beauty.

Oh the shit that I have read. Haters be like : How can a bigger person possibly love themselves like this ? Why do they have to pretend to be happy when clearly they aren’t? Does she really need to show off what others don’t care to see? She should cover up. She should wear make-up to hide her scars. How can they possibly think this is a healthy thing? … The list goes on and on. Ignorance at its finest.

Body positivity. Key word, positivity. Loving and accepting who you are, no matter what others think. Like, zero fucks given! This is why we will never allow the negativity to get in the way. I know I won’t. There is far too much love being sent my way, which inspires me to give more and to post more pictures of things that I love, people that I love, quotes that I love, and of ME (sorry, but not sorry)!

I really enjoy sharing my outfits with all of you on Facebook and Instagram. I love sharing quotes that motivate me, products and services that make me happy. I LOVE receiving daily messages from my lovely followers who have questions, who need advice and who just want to share their struggles with me. I have struggled, I still struggle, it will forever be an ongoing thing, but with a positive attitude. I love that people can relate to me, and other bloggers in the body positivity world. NO shame is my motto. I have no shame. I love hard. I am vulnerable. I am emotional. But I have NO shame (not always a good thing… for those around me…HAHA). A beautiful follower of mine recently messaged me telling me how she is struggling to accept and love herself at her new size. She asked me for tips and ways on how to love and accept herself. It’s hard to see how many are struggling and hurting, and this is why the body positivity community is important. This is what it’s all about. Helping and encouraging others to find happiness and self acceptance.

So, listen to me, please. Take the selfie while others are looking. Post the picture of an outfit that you are totally rocking. Smile as much as you possibly can while you are walking down the street (you might attract a lot of people, you have been warned). Tell someone that they are beautiful without expecting a compliment back in return. Love the skin you’re in. Accept that you are amazing. Make the necessary changes that will make you a better person. DO YOU with class and sass. And blow a kiss to the haters in your life and thank them for giving you extra fuel to be a better you.


Tonina XOX