Hey lovelies. I am back. I’ve been back since Sunday actually, but I have had a crazy ass week. Florida was amazing. Lots of sun, beach, pool, shopping and food. OH the food. I don’t know if any of you will agree with me on the following statement, but the Pizza in Florida, especially in Fort Lauderdale, is AMAZING. Bloody hell.

There is this one Pizza joint called Primanti Bros. , near our beach, right off of Sunrise Blvd. I actually dream about their Pizza when I know I will be having it the next day. This is my biggest problem, my favorite food, fucking PIZZA! Did you notice how I even put a capital P on the word Pizza. This is how much I love it. Anyway. I was NOT all that careful while on vacation. We surely did not eat out every day (only 3 resaurants during our 8 days there), but, we had lots of delicious unhealthy soft cheeses at home, and snacks galore . Granted, we walked a lot, A LOT. My husband was amazing. Every morning he would go for his 1h30 walk/jog to and from the beach and around. Bless his soul. His body was not used to eating the “junk food” that we were stuffing our faces with. He felt it. We are back home, back to a rythm we are comfortable with.  My husband signed us up for bootcamp. 1 hour bootcamp every Thursday. Tonight was our first class. Fuck. I made sure to wear my cute and matching active wear, thinking this would make the experience better (notice the smile on my face?) but tonight was very hard, for me. My husband was amazing. He was so awesome. He’s actually been going to the gym 5 times a week for about 2 months now, and he also takes boxing classes and he trains at FIT Studio Lasalle with Stavros (check him out everybody). Now, keep in mind that I have not stepped foot into any type of gym in a very long time. I used to train regularly. My wedding year, I was on a mission. That was in 2015. We are now in 2017. Guys, it was TOUGH tonight. I felt nauseous, I felt defeated, I felt pathetic but my husband was so supportive, and encouraging. I went at my own pace and I did what I can without vomiting. All we see on Social Media are these smiling and happy and energetic people LOVING their fitness class and making it seem like it’s a beautiful thing. OH HELL NO. It felt like death to me (I am so dramatic). I am feeling better right now, as I am typing away, with a delicious IdealShape shake in my body (best shakes/ meal replacement ever!!!), but I am still not smiling (my muscles in my face are hurting also). Maybe one day, I will be smiling like those people on those videos while training! I know how good this is though. I know how good it is for the mind , body and soul.

I should have never waited this long. I shouldn’t have stopped training cold turkey. I got lazy and too comfortable. I blamed it on my busy lifestyle. Nope, wrong, all wrong. There is no such thing as being too busy to incorporate fitness into your life, into your routine, into your rhythm. It can be something as simple as a daily walk with your dog, or your partner, or your friends and parents. It can be a weekly fitness class or using your treadmill in the comfort of your own home, which by the way, does not work for me AT ALL. I can’t train at home, I just can’t. We have a beautiful treadmill, a spinning bike, a bench with weights. We have a bloody gym in our basement and I NEVER go down there unless I have laundry to do. I see my dog looking all cute and I get distracted. I end up playing with him on the treadmill (power is off obviously).

If you guys need that extra push to get your beautiful butts to the gym, or to participate in any type of physical activity, I will be that push for you. I am a lazy curvy girl, and I am the first one to admit it. I am not lazy when it comes to social events, as I suffer from FOMO (google it if you don’t know what this stupid expression means), but I am a lazy person when it comes to excercising. NO more excuses. I am not on a mission to become a bloody bodybuilder. I just want these curves to be healthier curves. I am a thick girl, and these thick bones of mine ain’t going anywhere, but since pregnancy is in our plans, losing some weight is a good idea, for me.

Next week I am going to FitClub24 in the West Island on Wednesday and back to Bootcamp near our house on Thursday. So I will be training twice a week, for now. I am dreading it , but this is necessary. My body needs this. My mind and soul need this. We all have shit going on in our lives, and training is a great way to let it all out. I need to work on controlling my potty mouth though. I was SO bad tonight. Nobody was swearing, except for MOI! I was in pain. How does one not swear when they are suffering. I don’t get it.

Have a great night everybody