Good.Vibes.Only. Yeah , that’s right. I don’t want any other type of vibes besides the good ones making their way through my body (get your mind out of the gutter , because that’s where mine is most of the bloody time) My mother has a “Good Vibes Only” tshirt and she wears it strategically. She’s a pretty zen type of a person , but when she wears that T-shirt , I know for a FACT that she’s either A) going somewhere where she might run into people she doesn’t feel like running into or B) she’s not feeling so zen , therefore the tshirt is a reminder that all is good. These are my assumptions. I know my momma.

I very often say “Sending you good vibes”, when someone really deserves them or needs them. I’m not a religious person so I never really say “My prayers are with you ” ( not that there’s anything wrong with that ,no no ! I think it’s beautiful for those who believe in it. Peace & Love everybody) . Every deserving person should have nothing but good vibes sent their way , but why is it that we keep such negative ones around us , like all the time ? Are we that sadistic ? Oh yes , we can be (did your mind end up in the gutter again ? )

I’m a true believer in eliminating toxicity. Toxic, be gone ! Whether it be someone or something , a family member or a lifelong friend. In my 31 years of human life (I’m hoping I was a loveable puppy in my prior life, or a sloth , a cute sloth ) I’ve had some fucked up toxic relationships that I held onto for dear life for various reasons. Reasons that enabled my insecurities, selfish reasons , and the “let’s not stir the pot and cause drama ” reasons. It’s not easy letting go, especially when you think he or she was so good for you. Oh the denial ! I was the best at ignoring all of the signs, you know , those big ass signs pointing toΒ “TONINA, WAKE UP YOU BLIND JACKASS”. But once you finally see the bright neon signs , and learn to accept that you need to let go for your own well being and sanity and soul , there’s no turning back.

Not everybody we meet is meant to stay in our lives forever, but everybody we encounter served and serves a purpose in our lives , bad or good . It’s sad though , ending a relationship that you invested so much in (energy , love , time) but you’ll live and most importantly thrive. You’ll move on and so will they. I don’t regret making the decisions I’ve made . Some were hard , some were evident, some were long overdue , and some were sad. Ending “meaningful” relationships. They were meaningful at one point. They were once awesome and fun and , well, temporary. It’s not a selfish thing , it’s a necessary thing to analyze certain relationships in your life. Life is too short to spend time with those who don’t deserve your time and/or your kindness. Be good to yourself and know your worth . Surround yourself with good vibes only , good people. People who want good for you and who really love you. Be that good person and be those good vibes. Be a unicorn !

Love, Tonina XOX