I love how I convinced myself that some of you might actually be interested in knowing who I am, and what I am… and I appreciate those of you who actually do and for making me feel like all of this was actually a not so terrible idea!

We all have a story to tell, and I love hearing people’s stories because most of the time, I totally get them, because I always find bits and pieces of my story in theirs. A story is not necessarily a sad or bad thing, but it can be beautiful thing. I don’t know anybody whose story is ONLY sad or ONLY beautiful. Ideally, a balanced mixture of both would be great… but this is out of our control at times. My story is a mix of beauty, heartaches, happiness, gratefulness and self-acceptance. SO why did I come up with this wild idea to start blogging? I am doing this to reach out to the women who I can relate to, who can relate to me. I know that there are tons of us out there. Those of us who have finally accepted to LOVE ourselves, ACCEPT ourselves, and MOTIVATE ourselves, and those who are still struggling to figure it all out. You are so allowed to be sad, mad, angry at yourself for not being the person who you think you’re supposed to be, but let me tell you, you are worth it, worth the struggle, because I know that self-acceptance is not automatic, but when it happens, it hits you hard and it’s the best feeling and something one has to work at forever.

Diary of a Curvy Girl is pretty much self-explanatory, right? This will be a Diary to talk about anything and everything. The good and the bad. Likes and dislikes. Struggles and acceptance.  I am, and always have been, a curvy girl. No boobs though, definitely no boobs. My hips don’t lie, and neither does my derriere. Curvy, chubby, chunky, chunks, thick, phat (pretty hot and tasty… just saying!), I have definitely used all of these words at some point in my life (past and present) to describe myself, but If my closest friends and family members would describe me in one word ,I am PRETTY SURE that I would hear the following (and none of the crazy words I just described above):


Yes, all positive things…these would be the positive words used to describe me. Wait, sexual? That is a positive thing, right? I am lucky enough to hear these words very often, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t almost a daily thing, which is WHY I am who I am today. There are some “not so feel good” words that I am sure some would use to describe me… but we can get to those later. Let’s start with happy thoughts. Now, back to the positive… My parents: Oh, my parents, my amazing dynamic duo .

You know, 90% of the reason I love myself todayis because of them. They never made me feel like I did not fit in, or that I did not belong because of my weight. Yes, ok, there was that period in my life when I had to get my clothes custom made when I was a child because kids clothing did not fit and adult clothing was just too, well, adult, but I thought it was cool, having my OWN seamstress. My parents masked it well, making it seem normal, making it seem like I was special enough to have my own custom pieces! It was a frustrating time, but I think I hid my insecurities quite well as a child. Another happy thought. Picture this: waking up every morning to your father calling you beautiful? Pretty awesome feeling and I really hope a lot of you reading this can relate… because it’s a feeling you only wish for every little girl to feel. So yes, my parents, my best friends, the reason I believe that I am worth it today. I didn’t always feel this way, but boy I am happy that I finally got here.

So, now that my intense admiration for my parents has been shared with all of you, I will now give you real facts about myself, not ALTERNATE facts (…too early?):

Born and raised in a city outside of Montreal called Chateauguay, in the province of Quebec. I am 31 years old, and my birthday is on June 17th (come on, I am sure you figured it out by now that I am a hardcore GEMINI, right?) I speak 4 languages: French, English, Spanish an Italian. I am a Hotel Sales Manager and represent 3 hotels in Montreal. I have been in the hotel industry for almost 11 years and I love it!

My childhood was spent with another young human sharing my space, my older brother Giancarlo. We had, and still have, a strong bond, a bond that only the two of us will ever understand. We will ALWAYS have each other’s backs, all while forever insulting one another whenever we feel is the right time to do so. We are complete opposites, but freakishly similar in many ways.

I was also raised by Nonno and Nonna… “grandfather” and “grandmother” in Italian. They were my neighbors, my second parents, my number one fans. They moved to Canada in 1958 with close to nothing, except a precious baby, my momma. They provided, they struggled, they gave it their all to survive and provide a good life to their children, and in the long run, to their grandchildren also. My Nonno, my sweet angel. I will most likely havean entire blog just about him, and my other grandparents whom I adore. My full name is Antonietta Pasqualina Baratta, named after both of my grandmothers. How awesome is that right? Nonna Antonietta is 86 years old and she is my spirit animal. Yes, I said it. She is my spirit animal! My favorite human. I am very proud. My grandparents! OK, now that I am feeling a little sad thinking of them (but like a good sad, a happy sad, is that weird?) I will move onto something bubblier. MY LOVE FOR ANIMALS! That is all you need to know right now, my obsession and love for animals (dogs, cats, elephants, rabbits, deers, lions, tigers, birds, ferrets, hamsters, giraffes, you get my drift?)

Ah, I am almost done. I know, this is too long right? I have so much more to say, but I will stop at some point. I am getting there. I promise. I am keeping the best for last:

Flavio. My husband. The one who accepts me for all of the craziness that I am. The one who tells me that I am beautiful, in the morning, just like my father always did when I lived at home. The one who manages to support my shameless and extraverted ways. After almost 11 years together, 1 ½ of those years MARRIED, he still gets me. Thank you for letting me shine as bright as I possibly can. Marriage is not always white laces and roses, but I am happy to be going through this wild adventure with him. Ups and downs, a rollercoaster ride at times, but I wouldn’t exchange him for anybody else. Growing old with you is the plan, babe. Oh, and he loves dogs. We have a furbaby, Romeo, whom we are obsessed with it.

To finish off this awkward all about me portion of my site, here are a few things that I absolute love (which I did not mention above), in no particular order:

My best friends (you will be introduced to them very soon) * PINK, as in the color, and anything PINK * The beauty that is Mexico * The Little Mermaid *Anything Disney Anything bling bling and shiny * Chandeliers * SPCA * WWF (not the wrestling…) *Fort Lauderdale Cruising (my husband and I are cruisers, old couple cruisers) * Hotels * Tattoos (I have 3 of them. I am so badass) *Dancing (not that I am any good at it, but that does not stop me) * A Bronx tale (the movie…please tell me you have seen it) * Food, all food * Jack (This Is Us) My cozy bungalow, ourfirst home together * Dressing up / dresses/ gowns

That sums it up, as in, that sums me up! Thank you everybody for allowing me to do this, and for joining me in this unpredictable Diary of a Curvy Girl journey. I can’t wait to share my thoughts, my diary, with you!

Love , Tonina