To all of my beautiful readers. I encourage you to join me in sharing your thoughts, your stories, your pictures, your ideas, your opinions and advice with me. I want to involve wonderful people in my journey. I am happy to announce that I will have guest bloggers submit their blogs, their stories on Diary of a Curvy Girl. I am surrounded by such inspiring, loving, smart, passionate and wonderful people , who have lots to say, so why not have them share their blogs with all of you also! I can’t wait to introduce you to some of my favourite people and their blogs.

If you have a blog that you would like to share with me and have it featured on Diary of a Curvy girl, you can contact me (Contact tab) and I will be more than happy to review it! It will be beautiful to showcase different points of views, thoughts and ideas from different people. My journey is meant to talk about stuff that all of you can hopefully relate to. Having others expose their ideas will make this journey even more exciting.

If you have topics that you would like me to cover in my blogs, please let me know and I will be happy to review the topics. There are endless things to talk about, and your ideas will be very much appreciated.

Stay tuned.

Love, Tonina,