It’s Saturday night, and you perhaps have an exciting evening ahead. A date night with your husband (finally some alone time, away from your kids), a well deserved night out with some girlfriends (to bitch, laugh and gossip away)the wedding of the year (so much pressure to look your best!) a family supper, or a FIRST DATE (omg!). Regardless of the reason, we all know that we want to look our best. Not only LOOK our best, but also FEEL our best. It’s not easy. It’s quite difficult.

SO many factors to take into consideration, but the moment you choose the outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks, nobody can take that feeling away from you (relief, pride, self approval, self acceptance, and “goddanm I feel sexy” feeling). Landing on that perfect outfit requires patience, lots of it (from you and people around you. Poor, poor them). It’s a roller coast ride of emotions, and a possible wardrobe change of 5 to 10 oufits, and a VERY messy room (come on ladies, do not deny the tornado in the bedroom at the end of it all).

Knowing your body shape, and accepting your body shape is step 1. You can’t escape it, it’s your reality. Being curvy may or may not help our cause, but hey, let’s make sure we dress our curvy bodies the way they are meant to be dressed and NO, this does not mean we must HIDE it and cover it up! NO NO NO! The trick is to really LOVE something about your body, at least 1 thing. This is probably a very difficult exercise for many of us, curvy and slim, but how about we try. I love my butt, my big butt. I have no shame in wearing tight dresses that emphasize the size and shape of my big round ass, all while making sure I do not look trashy. Trashy is not the goal here girlfriends. We must always look classy, sexy, and beautiful. We don’t have to prove anything to anybody, no need to expose too much, just the right amount, so expose what you love the most! I am not a huge fan of my arms. My arms have always been my problem during my weight loss journey. I am still contemplating surgery. The extra-skin. You know what I am talking about, yet I do not let this stop me from wearing sleeveless dresses or tops. I just have to make sure whatever I am wearing is showing off the body parts I love most!

I often get flattering and beautiful compliments from friends, family, and strangers, on how great I look in the outfits I pick. I love hearing that. I love compliments, but the truthful ones are the ones I appreciate (by the way, I will be doing a blog on compliments, on how to accept compliments, stay tuned). I often hear this : “WOW, you really know how to dress your body right”. This can somewhat feel like an insult (wait a minute. bigger girls can’t dress as well as thinner girls?) but it’s not an insult, it’s honesty. A lot of curvy girls either give up and hide behind their clothes (oversized everything), or do the exact opposite and expose too much. I do not consider myself a fashionista whatsoever, but in the past few years, I have been labeled as such by co-workers, family members and friends. I am also the one who is always overdressed at any occasion, and that does not bother me at all! Any opportunity to flaunt an outfit that I feel FANTASTIC in, I will do it.

I take selfies of my outfits (lots of them),I post them online, I tell my ladies where I buy my clothes because I want them to know that outfits for thick girls are affordable, and easy to find. More of us should do this. We should encourage each other, and we should be honest with each other. My biggest fan is also my biggest and most honest critic. My momma. She always wants me to look my best, so she will never ALLOW me to look bad. An honest critic is always helpful. OH, another thing I need to share, it is very important that you wear the proper undergarments in order to pull off a great outfit. Tip from my momma! It starts from underneath your clothes. Here are some of my favorite, and totally affordable, designers/ stores that seem to totally get my body (I am a snug size 12, comfortable size 14):

*Kensie (sold at The Bay) *Highline (sold at the Bay) *RW & CO *Le Chateau *Jessica Simpson (sold at The Bay) I also shop at Zara (it’s a hit or miss with their sizes though. An XL can often feel like an XS). I enjoy H&M for my casual wear, but I often find cute dresses for work! My go to is The Bay, and those two designers mentioned above really make me smile.

 If you see outfits that you really like in my pictures, please feel free to ask me where I bought it. I think it’s the biggest form of flattery when someone wants to purchase your outfit. Go ahead, ask away, and I will share.

Ladies, if you want to share some of your outfits that make you FEEL and LOOK good, you can share them with me. I would love to see how beautiful you all look.

That’s all for now!
Love, Tonina